At Think Positive, It's All About YOU!

Appointments with Suzan are mixed modality as Suzan skillfully weaves a variety of hypnosis techniques and energy modalities such as Reiki with NLP (eyes open hypnosis) and EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you achieve your goals.

Suzan practices client-centered hypnosis which means that each session is tailored to YOUR needs, desires and goals. 

Please be aware that the goal of any session is helping you to achieve your goals.

The session may involve other techniques and modalities in addition to hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is fast compared to other self-help methods. If you are ready for change and willing to do the exercises suggested, you can experience incredible results!

Hypnosis is not only a fast method, but a safe way to improve your life naturally. If you have been struggling with a habit or addiction or with a condition that doesn't seem to change, ask us what hypnosis can do for you!

We welcome questions and calls for information.

Always consult your physician before improving your medical condition through hypnosis

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Upcoming Events

Supporting Our Community Through Reiki and Energy Healing

Supporting Our Community Through Reiki and Energy Healing

This group is dedicated to bringing energy healing to our community. The group energy intensifies the vibration of love, healing and higher consciousness and contributes to greater peace and balance not just for the participants, but for their families, friends and co-workers and the community as a whole.

Everyone is invited! Children are welcome if they can participate quietly.

Community Members – Come enjoy the peace and relaxation and potential healing

Reiki Students, Practitioners and Instructors – Come to share your gifts, broaden your skills and confidence and contribute to our community by sharing in this group event.

The vision of this group is to provide community service through Reiki by joining students, practitioners and instructors of Reiki and other energy healing modalities regardless of training background, instructor, lineage or modality.

The evening will include meditation, discussion of energy healing and group sessions of Reiki or other modalities.

When: Tuesday,  August 23rd and September 27 from 7pm-8:30pm

Where: Wells Therapeutics 319 Edwin Drive Suite 103

Cost: A $10 love donation is appreciated (but not required) to cover the cost of the space – everyone is welcome

RSVP or Information: Call Suzan at 571-225-1496 or go to www. Think PositiveHypnotherapy.com

Oneness Blessing and Ananda Mandala Meditation

 Oneness Blessing Event

Wells Therapeutics 

319 Edwin Drive Suite 101, Virginia Beach 

 Next Blessings
Tuesday, August 16th and September 20th

The 3rd Tuesday of Every Month
7:00pm to 8:30pm

Receive the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) after the Powerful Ananda Mandala Meditation

A Deep Kundalini Meditation

What is Oneness?

Oneness is a world changing phenomenon that is helping people of all faiths and paths move into higher states of consciousness.

Over a hundred million people across the planet are experiencing this Divine Phenomenon known as Deeksha which starts a profound process of spiritual awakening in a person.

Love Donations Appreciated

http://www.onenessuniversity.org/ for more information about Oneness

Contact Suzan Iscil for more information about this event


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Certified Master Trainer for IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists)


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Member of IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)


Member of NATH (National Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapists)


Member of NFNLP (National Federation of NLP)