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Weight Reduction with Hypnosis

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There's no question that weight reduction is tricky. Virtually every person who has a concern about their weight has lost and gained many times. As I prepare for the January weight reduction sessions, I am excited and thinking about people's journeys with weight reduction. We have seen seen excellent results with hypnosis, but transpersonal hypnotherapy is not just about shedding the pounds, it's about improving body, mind and spirit.

Through hypnotherapy, we go to the root cause and work through the cause(s) of our excess eating. Our subconsious minds know everything about us from the day we were born. Our current habits began long before we were even aware that something unusual was going on. When we work through our past issues, we can create lasting change and in turn, gain better control over our habits and our lives.

I will share my own story. I must say that I have had many hypnosis sessions - I often volunteer for students to "practice" on me - but I work on different topics in each session.

What I like best is that once I've made a change, it's been permanent. When I became a hypnotherapist, I was gaining approximately 2 pounds per month. While I wanted to lose weight, my first goal was to stop gaining weight. Through hypnosis, I stopped gaining almost immediately. For me, other changes came step by step.

Very early in the process, I gave up any and all desire for soda and fast food. I never set goals for these things or made a conscious change, but I no longer wanted these things. While I've always enjoyed walking and have done aerobics since college, I began waking up early and exercising at least 4 days a week and often 6 or 7 days a week. I have excercised regularly for several years now.

Over time, I added meditation and various energy exercises to my routine and as I did, I stopped eating most frozen and prepared foods. I prefer to eat freshly prepared foods, fruits and vegetables.

The first result was that I stopped gaining weight every month. The second visible result was that I lost about 20-25 inches from my body even though the actual weight loss was just 8-10 pounds. In addition to the life-style changes that I've made, I also stopped needing anxiety medication.

Working through hypnosis allows us to make permanent and lasting changes. Our subconscious minds know what we need and help us to make beneficial changes.


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