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11/11/2010 - 15:59

Children and Hypnosis

As I sat through a conference at my son's school, I thought about how much better the learning experience could be if the teachers and staff understood the subconscious mind. The guidance counselor said in front of my son that if he didn't do well in pre-algebra, he would NEVER do well in math. When we met with the counselor without my son, I told him that as an authority figure, a comment like that could stay in a child's subconscious mind and the child would grow up believing that because of a rough start to middle school, he could never do well in math. I told him that my son could achieve anything he sets his mind on and that there are no limits (unless we create them).

On the same day, there was talk about sleepy kids in 1st bell. If the teachers encouraged the children to thump in the middle of their chests like Tarzan, they would be more alert. Children could also do figure eights to balance energy and get the right and left sides of the brain going. There are so many simple exercises that teachers could have children do for 10 seconds to have them be more alert and ready to learn. There is so much potential for children in US schools!


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Just the fact that you’ve come to visit our site indicates that you are interested in exploring new areas of wellness.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing form of treatment which can change your life completely. Not only can you change habits such as smoking, drinking, eating or procrastinating, but you can overcome life-long phobias, pains, allergies and other physical and mental conditions by finding the original cause of the condition through hypnosis. If you are under medical care, please check with your medical professional to see if hypnotherapy is right for you.

Through hypnosis, we can make healthy, positive suggestions that stay with you at a subconscious level and help you change your habits. Our subconscious minds actually retain everything that we have heard and learned from the day we were born. This means that if we learned that we were “cool” to eat an entire bag of cookies, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol when we were children, the idea that we are “cool” has remained with us in our subconscious minds. Even though we are much smarter and better informed now, it is very difficult to change our habits when our subconscious remembers that we are “cool.” Now, as adults, we can decide what is best for us and work with a hypnotherapist to reach our subconscious minds and change the self-defeating thoughts that have been with us for so long.
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