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05/29/2011 - 20:27

Weight Reduction

I attended a weight loss seminar with Andy Austin a few weeks ago. Andy is bold and brave and pushes the limits - he is known for offending people, but getting great results. At lunch time, Andy asked us to cut our lunch in half and throw the rest in the trash. Most of the class members were outraged. They were angry and disgusted and had VERY strong feelings about the assignment. Since the class, I have told people about the assignment and those people became extrememly angry without even doing it. The point of the exercise was to realize how emotionally tied we are to food. Most people are not eating to fuel their bodies. They are eating for other reasons, but they also have strong beliefs that finishing that candy bar, that icecream or that bag of chips rather than throwing it in the trash will save a starving person somewhere or save the money that they already spent on the item.

I've read that the rate of lasting weight loss from traditional weight loss centers is approximately 7%. After witnessing the strong emotional ties that we have to food, I am surprised the % is so high. Lasting weight loss is difficult to achieve without going to the root cause and working through the connections and perceptions that we developed as very young children. The words our parents said remain alive and well in our subconscious minds. Hypnosis can address our subconscious beliefs and associations and we can change these beliefs to more mature ones that fit our adult lifestyles. These changes lead to lasting results.



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12/06/2009 - 00:54

About Suzan

Suzan PhotoSuzan Iscil (ish-jill) is a Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapy trainer for IACT (International Association of Couselors and Therapists) and Certified Parts Therapy Trainer. Suzan weaves many different advanced hypnosis techniques with NLP which is known as "eyes open hypnosis" to create the right appointment for each client. The most common question that Suzan hears is, "Can everyone be hypnotised?" Suzan would say that virtually everyone with normal brain function can be hypnotised, but people respond differently as individuals. Although clients probably don't notice how seamlessly she weaves the techniques together, it is the combination of techniques that helps to ensure that every client gets what's right for him or her. If someone responds well to one technique, but not very well to another, Suzan uses what works best for the client depending on what emerges in the session.

It's important to know that Suzan is not a counselor and does not treat or diagnose mental illness. She guides the clients through their own thoughts and memories to help them resolve their concerns. The clients provide their own answers and resolutions as they see things from a different perspective.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy works to create balance for the body, mind and spirit. Suzan is not just addressing the one issue that the client has come in for, but works to facilitate improvements in the balance of the whole person (body, mind and spirit).

In addition to hypnosis techniques, Suzan is an EFT practitioner and Reiki instructor. She often begins the appointments with EFT. EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique and involves tapping on points of the body to release energy blockages and help the client's energy to flow more smoothly. When we experience emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt etc, that is an indication that energy is not flowing smoothly. When we tap as we think of the emotion we're experiencing, we can often release the blockage and feel better.

Suzan teaches Reiki and leads a Reiki night on the 2nd Sunday of every month. This experience is extremely affordable and open to everyone. Suzan explains what is being done and why to help people understand the process and the benefits of Reiki and other energy techniques that she uses and teaches.

Suzan is a student of Matrix Energetics and M-Joy. She has completed numerous Matrix Energetics seminars with Dr. Richard Bartlett DC, ND and Melissa Joy Jonsson as well as M-Joy seminars with Melissa Joy Jonsson. Matrix Energetics and M-Joy are amazing modalities that facilitate our innate ability to tap into our unlimited potential.

Suzan has studied Hypnotherapy and energy healing with many great instructors, but the biggest honor for her is being a Parts Therapy Trainer. She was trained by Roy Hunter who is an author and the world authority on Parts Therapy. Roy has been the sole trainer of Parts Therapy as developed by Charles Tebetts and has been practicing for over 25 years. Suzan asked Roy in 2007 if he trained trainers and he said respectfully that it was just him. When Roy announced his first ever Train the Trainer's certification workshop, Suzan registered and became one of the first trainers of Parts Therapy actually certified by Roy Hunter.


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If you are unsure about being hypnotized, NLP is the answer for you!

NLP is also known as eyes-open hypnosis - clients are awake and communicating throughout the session (but we do usually ask folks to close their eyes and relax although they are not guided into a formal trance as in hypnosis).

NLP uses the same techniques that salespeople use to make a sale, but of course we use them to help you overcome your fear of bridges or heights, to lose weight or overcome grief, sadness, anger or nearly any concern you can imagine. NLP is super for decreasing the  emotional charge you still feel regarding past events, abuse or traumas that you may not even want to share out loud. As long as you can provide a brief summary, the details of the situation will only be known to you. NLP can be used easily for virtually any concern you have!

NLP exercises are typically about 5 minutes each and a short series of exercises has great results. NLP is usually fun, easy and quick.

Most NLP certified hypnotherapists consider NLP to be one of the most valuable tools in their toolbox and have a love for NLP due to its versatility and consistency in bearing results.

In virtually every hypnotherapy appointment, we weave NLP and hypnosis together for optimal results, but you are welcome to schedule an appointment for NLP without any hypnosis at all.


More about NLP...

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a complicated name for helping people to reach their highest potential. NLP principles are typically used to train sales people to be successful and even to help people get dates. Supervisors and managers are often taught NLP principles to help them connect with their team members and achieve great results.

Common uses of NLP for hypnotherapy clients are to help the clients create a model for themselves of how they would look, behave or react to certain situations if they were performing at their optimal level. The hypnotherapist would act as a guide to help the client use the model to change self-limiting behaviors into self-fulfilling behaviors.

NLP can be used to help people see themselves from a different perspective. For example, if a client is having difficulty getting over a break up or divorce, the hypnotherapist can help the person to see the relationship as a 3rd party observer and can reframe the situation.

NLP certified hypnotherapists have fabulously fast, simple and effective tools to increase the benefit of the hypnotherapy session.

We would recommend that you seek an NLP certified hypnotherapist when you compare services.

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Certified Master Trainer for IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists)


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Member of IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)


Member of NATH (National Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapists)


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