Get in the Flow! Attracting Abundance

This recordings theme is the current of a river. Every person decides whether he wants to paddle with the current or against it. Since you are listening to the recording you've decided to paddle with the current and get in the flow. As you get in the flow,…

You are Enough - Connecting With Your Divine

This recording helps you tap into your true self by connecting with your Divine Source, releasing pain that you've been holding onto and understanding what is true for you. This is a personal connection between you and your Divine - whatever that means to you!

Take Charge of Your Life by Taking Charge of Your Thoughts

This recording promotes relaxation and provides suggestions for thinking more positively and improving confidence, happiness and balance in your life. This recording is approximately 32 minutes and encourages people to take charge of their lives by taking…

Be Here Now - Improving Focus and Concentration

For anyone who wants to improve his focus and concentration. This recording has 5 tracks…

Getting Things Done

This recording provides suggestions to complete tasks and projects step by step and to…

Freedom From Smoking

On this fun journey to freedom in a hot air balloon, you will see smoking from a whole…

Attractive Nails

For people who want long, healthy nails and beautiful cuticles.

Choosing Better Eating Habits

This recording encourages people to eat smaller quantities, make healthier choices and…

Break Free of Excess Weight

For people who hide behind their weight. Suggestions focus on letting go of the past,…

Smoking Cessation

For people who would like to stop smoking.

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