Sometimes we hear from clients and sometimes we run into them a year later and they tell us how much they appreciate our time together. For us, the best testimonials are when people tell us that they've told their friends about us!

Please note that every individual experiences his own results based on his personal situation. We provide these reports only to let you know what is possible through hypnosis or our other services. Due to the individual nature of every session, no two people will have the same results.

You will notice that some clients report medical improvements. No service that we provide is intended to replace qualified medical treatment and we never promise or imply that medical results will be achieved; we do however, hope that due to the relaxation and hypnotic suggestions for healing, some relief will be experienced.

Suzan helps me see things from a different perspective.

The book Suzan gave me changed my life. Now I help others to think more positively and not to let fear control their lives.

Hypnosis is so relaxing.

I love you so much Suzan. You are my very first teacher. That moment I walked in the door not knowing what Reiki was. I was in so much pain that just the vibration of the word felt good in the body. Reiki changes lives. It awakens all parts of the being - body, mid and spirit. I am just so humbled to be able to share what I have learned from all of you. Grateful to the Great Masters that have passed but speak through us as we share.

Om Shanti!

I have more energy. I'm drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. This client also said that her weight fluctuates but she was on the low side of her weight after about 3 weeks.

I've gone down 2 pant sizes. - This was in 21 days and he had only attended the 1st 2 sessions.

I lost 10 pounds. - Weight loss in the 4 sessions (21 days) generally ranges from 5-12 pounds.

The sessions are great and I always walk away learning something new. I thoroughly enjoyed everything provided.

I feel a lot more positive and a lot less negative. I feel less of a need to argue my point.

I was skeptical but open minded and I have been pleasantly surprised at the value I have gotten from the sessions.

Here's to you! I am completely off of my depression medications and feeling great. I continue to tap and listen to my CD daily. I am committed to having the same results with my blood pressure medication. Thank you my dear friend!

I'm feeling so much better now. The lady who does my massage told me that my muscles are not so tight now.

I get up in the morning with a bounce in my step and I started cleaning my house and doing things I haven't done (regularly) for years. This client also reported forming new friendships and MANY other positive changes.

I wrote an essay for this anthology last year. Was a wonderful experience and very healing. Along with the work I did with you, I must say things are much better (emotionally). Positive thinking!!! Thank God for people like you...caring souls.

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Suzan Iscil is one of the most pivotal and influential Energy/Light Workers and people in My Life! Over the past decade I’ve gone to her, seeking her help thru a wide variety of issues from health, to assisting my evolution on my personal/spiritual..... path.

She treats me like a most lovingly devoted caring Mother, coaxing me to new levels of expansion. She is persistent in encouraging me to get out there, to share my gifts and blessings in this world that are so very much needed. She is always motivating me to be my best, and cares for Life and Loving Compassionate Peace in this World so very deeply.

Creating Peace in every way in this world is her passion. A healed person is a peaceful person and she is dedicated to contribute to making a tremendous ripple effect to spread Peace Love and Oneness on this planet in more ways than one. She has worked hard at making sure I know I Am good enough just the way I am and that I’m unique and special with a lot to offer, which is the extra fuel I have needed to build my confidence to serve my purpose in very profound ways. She always sees the best in me. She is loving, soothing, and nurtures me, heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. She is amazing with the sheer amount of knowledge she shares as well as the truly limitless tools in her energetic tool box to help in each Now moment for any and every situation.

 Every session is different and always just what I need. I call her my Reiki Lady when I speak of her, because to me she is the ultimate energy worker and I will always go to her, as I get assistance from her that I find only she can help me with. She is so diverse, doing so much more than Reiki alone.

Her positive hypnotherapy has helped me on All levels especially mentally and emotionally, to clear out old beliefs, past traumas....and things I’ve picked up from other’s thoughts and expectations of me, that are not even mine, that no longer serve my highest good. She has helped to free me more and more each time, patiently going through layer after layer..... I have literally transformed my life in such a tremendous way with her assistance and I feel everyone I help/assist/bless..... owes her a debt of gratitude for freeing me and helping me anchor my higher self and live to/at/in my  highest potential to the degree I am at as I progress, but I will thank her for them. Lol!

She is a healer to the healers. She will hold your hand and walk with you in your darkest times, free from judgment and criticism, which is crucial in helping you make it through much quicker. I know I am forever grateful for her style because other approaches, at least for me, can deter, hinder and prolong progress and I certainly don’t want that. I want to move as quickly, easily, comfortably and gracefully as possible through this life and she has a knack for assisting with exactly that. She easily uplifts me to my next level and has done so, over and over and over again. We are All truly blessed by her presence here and her awesome dedicated devotion to making this world a Peaceful Loving Light and Joy filled World.

12/20/2015 - 09:04

Reiki Client

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I have been a client of Suzan's for just over 2 years. During that time, I have experienced tremendous physical healing from a debilitating headache that had rendered me virtually unable to function. Suzan helped me find my way back to wellness. My reiki sessions with Suzan have also provided wonderful emotional healing and spiritual guidance. I have gone on to receive both my Reiki Level I & II certifications from her and have attended many of her classes in Energy work, including a weekend retreat! Suzan is passionate about helping others. She is professional, engaging, compassionate, and fun! No two sessions with Suzan will ever be the same, but it will always be what you need!

I received the CDs today and I just want to thank you for such a wonderful experience. It is something I will truly never forget. I think it has given me some of the answers I was looking for and I feel so peaceful about many things in my life now. I have been in awe of the experience...

I apologize for not contacting you sooner to tell you how grateful I am for guiding me on this journey. It was absolutely wonderful!

Peace and love to you!

My Life Between Lives session with Suzan was amazing! Before my session, I was worried about whether I would be able to relax enough to see any past lives, but Suzan really took the time to put me at ease and make sure I understood and was comfortable with the process before we even began. Suzan's calm and soothing manner and voice put me totally at ease and I was able to relax deeply in hypnosis and see and understand more than I ever thought possible. I feel like I was able to heal some old wounds as well as learn some very valuable things about myself and my purpose through my Life Between Lives session and I would definitely recommend Suzan to anyone interested in past life regression or any other kind of hypnotherapy.

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